Our Story


How it all started

Robb Weller and Vaughn Feather have definitely formed a unique and fruitful partnership, one that forms a strong recipe for the theory they have created, through long term research and experience, called The SHARP Method. Both have been friends for decades. And both have been students and practitioners of personal development since their early formative years. Beyond the research they have done for this book and their program of live workshops, you’ll see from the following, SHARP is the result of a life-long compilation of results from their varied, yet personal experiences.

The SHARP Method will provide you the road-map to create a powerful and accessible new system for positive transformation, happiness and productivity.



Robb had two, strong and successful mentors beginning in his college days in Arthur Buerk and John Meisenbach. It was John who urged Robb to take his first personal development plunge in the Seattle area with The Pacific Institute, founded by Lou Tice. Robb considered going to work for Lou as a full-time instructor and trainer, after his graduation from The University of Washington. However, Robb’s journey took another path working for Arthur Buerk. It was Arthur, on a daily basis, who taught him the concepts of goal setting and the key steps in forming a successful organization.

Robb’s journey into television began by filling in for TV and radio hosts in Seattle. He was spotted by an Executive in Ohio and began his regular TV Hosting work for Warner Cable, then onto ABC in Chicago with a daily talk show. From there Robb moved to New York and CBS, however, while competing against the new nightly national series “Entertainment Tonight” , he was again spotted by Executives in Los Angeles at Paramount Television, and lured back to the West Coast.

Robb Hosted Entertainment Tonight, The Home Show on the ABC Network, Trial Watch for NBC, had his own daily radio program on The Mutual Broadcasting Network, filled in for such luminaries as Larry King, Tom Snyder, and Charles Gibson on Good Morning America and hosted the HGTV Rose Parade coverage for 15 years.

Along with producing partner Gary H. Grossman, Robb started the Los Angeles based Weller/Grossman Productions. Together they made over 9,000 television shows for 46 different networks. Also network builders, Weller/Grossman helped launch HGTV, DIY, FOX Fit and The National Geographic Channel. Dealing with thousands of employees, it gave Robb the opportunity to practice personal and business development, and work on managing and growing people to produce top quality programs. Nominated for a dozen EMMY Awards and winning four, plus countless other awards, the company was viewed as a top quality producer.

But it was earlier events in Robb’s life, which have made The SHARP Method so pertinent to his life.

At age 8, he and his family visited their relatives in Los Angeles, Art & Grace Gilmore. Art had achieved a sterling reputation as one of Hollywood’s top Announcers with movie trailers, commercials, radio and television shows such as The Red Skelton Comedy Hour. During its production, Art took little Robb to CBS Television City, the location of the Skelton Show. Robb basically hung out watching rehearsal, and meeting all kinds of people backstage. Profoundly taken by all he saw, even though much of it was a mystery, Robb found his passion in life. Television. A journey, which would later make him a global name, began as an 8-year- old boy in the company of a caring and successful Uncle.

The second aspect of his relationship to The SHARP Method happened as a 12 year old.

A fall from a roof yielded a broken back, and a lesson in accepting the lows and making them into the highs. His injury converted him from an active player in sports at school, into the new assigned referee at recess. In changed his position as one of the guys, into “the adversary” who called balls and strikes instead of what batting order am I? The part of the day supposedly the most fun, became the most dreaded.

It taught Robb the concept of Resilience. A key component in the construction of The SHARP Method and the backbone of a continual ability to find a successful and meaningful life with a true sense of purpose.

It also required the trait of Attitude. And the shift in attitude at an early age from “poor me” to “ accept this fate and move on” became a fundamental principle. It turned out, this acceptance and understanding of his situation led to the ability to proceed through being resilient and keeping an eye on his passion.

Attitude, Resilience and Passion. The A,R & P of SHARP. This combination of attributes was to team with an old friend who also lived by the values each of these words enabled. And it was this unification that discovered the need for an “S” and an “H” completely forming the theory of The SHARP Method.


Vaughn has been in the health industry since working summer jobs as a teenager at various of his parent’s chain of gym’s. Year’s later Vaughn cofounded and ran Cambridge Plan International, maker of the Cambridge Diet, the first nutritionally complete milkshake weight loss program. After launching several other health companies, Vaughn became a leading consultant for both the health and network marketing industries. Since late in 2014, Vaughn has devoted himself to working with Robb to research and develop the SHARP Method.

It’s all about the habits…
In 1982, there were approximately 5,000,000 people throughout America on the Cambridge diet. Vaughn spent much of his time crisscrossing the United States meeting with them in groups as large as 20,000. After hearing, first hand, tens of thousands of user experiences, Vaughn discovered that there were certain things about a person that tended to predict their ability to succeed on the diet program.

And what were these factors? You guessed it – Attitude, Resilience and Passion. Vaughn had found, through an entirely different pathway, the same three foundational attributes for positive change and lasting success that Robb was discovering across his own life’s journey. But what could be done for people whose outlook, grit and pep had taken a hit? Were there exercises that could help people pump up these qualities?

In researching the answers to these questions, Vaughn discovered an expected correlation between the quality of peoples performance and the quality of their collective habits - their ingrained patterns of thinking and acting in response to daily events. For example, if a man habitually saw himself as an overweight underachiever, it was highly unlikely that he would
maintain any weight loss he might achieve on our diet program.

Vaughn knew that many of our behaviors are related to genetics or to our experiences early in the developmental stages. This fact creates one of life’s great and tragic ironies. As we mature and develop a sense of what we admire and aspire to, it may turn out that our hardwired behavior patterns and ways of thinking are unsuited to the person we identify with. This dissonance, the difference between who we say we are and how we actually act, is present, to some degree in most people and is a primary source of depression, underperformance and dissatisfaction. But short of years on the therapists couch, could anything really be done to reprogram long held, but inefficient, habits? Could a lifetime pessimist somehow become a “Yes I can!” kind of guy?

The short answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. And much of this workbook, and the research that went into, are devoted to how to use a very specific habit change technology to reprogram yourselves to become masters of the A,R and P of our SHARP Method.


Albeit a quick backgrounder on Robb and Vaughn, the emphasis on this SHARP Method focuses on you finding a fuller and more successful life. The “S” stands for your SUCCESS. And you will accomplish this through understanding and creating new and dynamic habit change, the “H”. These habit changes are designed so that, through our hypothesis, combining H,A,R & P will provide you the road-map to create a powerful and accessible new system for positive transformation, happiness and productivity.

It’s time to up your expectations on the results of your life. It’s time to get SHARP.

Research and our live trainings have confirmed our beliefs and experiences.

Voila! The SHARP Method.