Look for a moment at two different people, standing side by side. To one person, life may occur as a hostile and dangerous enterprise – full of malice, foreboding and frustration. To another person, life may occur as a place of indescribable beauty and endless possibility…. same world; same unpredictability….so how come these two vastly different perspectives? The question might be simply answered if these people came from different circumstance – one being born into the lap of luxury and the other into abject poverty. But how to explain if our examples are next door neighbors with virtually identical circumstances?

The answer may be as simple as the first person CHOOSING to see his (her)life through the
context of thunder clouds and personal phobias, while the second person CHOOSES, instead, to
see their life through the context of rainbows and all the awe-inspiring creations and
possibilities all around them.

But would someone really choose to doom his chance for an awesome life by being a Gloomy
Gus? It turns out, for many people who seem to rain on their own parade, the underlying
dynamic has to do with not taking full personal responsibility for their own life. Successful and
happy people tend to see outcomes as something THEY are responsible for, not fate or
circumstance. This is how Helen Keller, the extraordinary blind and deaf young girl, could
experience life as beautiful and wondrous.

She did not define herself by her circumstances. She instead defined herself by her sense of all
she was, not what she wasn’t. The blind girl ended up showing the way for the sighted, inspiring
the world with an exquisite example of what makes humans so unique and remarkable.
We are NOT defined by our circumstances. We are defined by how we react to our

When we respond to unwanted events, through our human tendencies of denial, blame and
rationalization, we give away the power to live the extraordinary life residing within all of us. A
person, who instead takes full ownership for their life, is undaunted by tough times. They simply
asks themselves, “Who am I in the face of this obstacle?” And everyone has it within them to
respond, “I am strong! I am capable! Life’s obstacle’s bring my best traits forward, traits I am in
the habit of exercising regularly and which serve equally in the lowest of times and in the
highest of times.”

The “A” in SHARP is for attitude. We recommend no one leaves home without a good one
because “A” is the perfect highway leading to your best destiniation!

Vaughn Feather